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* Subject to availability and rate of delivery and collection

- No booking fees
- No credit card fees
- No prepayment
- No queues
- Personalized airport delivery and pick-up

General Conditions

RATES DOES NOT COVER:PAI(Personal Accident Insurance)/Super CDW(Super Collision Damage Waiver-Optional),FUEL and all other optional extra charges.


AGE REQUIREMENTS:Minimum rental age is 21 years old for car groups A/B.25 years old for other superior groups.

YOUNG DRIVER(-21 years old):It is subject to a daily surcharge.

LICENSE REQUIREMENTS:The driver has to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 1 year.

PAYMENT POLICY:Acceptable methods of payment are:credit cards allowed:MASTERCARD,VISA,DINERS CLUB.Debit card and cash is allowed for rental days payment.Always necessary to have a credit card.

AIRPORT SERVICE:We wait for the client personally at the Arrivals and Departures of Lisbon Airport at flight time.

AIRPORT SURCHARGE:Delivery/Pick up at the airport has an extra charge.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:The car must be returned until the same time as pick up.Otherwise an exra day will be charged.


Under the law nº144/2015,in the event of litigation,the consumer may resort to the following alternative dispute resolution